Vrijeme iza nas

by Slavogorje

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English translation of the songs:
1. A Dusk of the Gods (a capella)
2. Perun and the Summer
3. Time Behind Us


released February 13, 2013



all rights reserved



Slavogorje (“Hill Of The Slavs”) is croatian-polish band which combines raw black metal with neofolk and ambient music, strongly bound to nature and seasons, inspired by Slavonic history, tradition and belief.

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Track Name: U suton bogova (a capella)
Dodju vremena, kada vjera nesta'
Sudba nije ista: suton bogova


The times come, when the faith vanishes
Fate isn't the same: a dusk of the Gods
Track Name: Perun i ljeto
Tisina je ugasla, a vjetar vise ne pjeva
Sjecanja se vracaju. Sjecanja na ljeto

Uvijek ce idoli tamo stajati; kolovratom ovjencano lice
Nasa djeca ce se smijati, a on ce jos jedno ljeto vratiti
Jedno lice, jedna glava - jedno srce, zivot. Slava.

Baklje i krjesovi neka gore; u nebo bez oblaka
Pridji suncu. Vjetar vise ne place.

Do ekvinocija slavimo; mladi mjesec, dobar urod
Jer ni ljeto nije vjecno - kao Perun, neba svod.


A silence is extinct, the wind sings no more
The memories return. The reminiscence of a summer

Forever will our idols stand there; The face ornamented with kolovrat
Our children will be laughing, and another summer he will bring back
One cheek, one head – one heart, life. Honor.

Let the torches and bonfires burn; To the cloudless skies
Approach to a sun. A wind is crying no more

Till Equinoxe we feast; juvenile moon, fruitful crop
For no summer is eternal – like Perun is, heaven's dome.
Track Name: Vrijeme iza nas
Vrijeme utjece na nas, vrijeme utjece na nas...

English: Time affects us, time affects us...